Mortgage Rates For Fixed Home Loans Drop Sharply

Home owners who missed out on refinancing when rates reached historic lows may have an opportunity to grab onto rates below 4%. Rates in the second week of October 2014 have been the lowest they have ever been in the last 3.5 months. A volatile stock market and the rising prices of Treasury bonds have been main factors in the drop. More expensive Treasury bonds pushes the yield down with rates following the pattern. Experts recommend homeowners to act fast if they want to refinance at a lower rate since rates could increase at any time and the current low is expected to be temporary.

Best Rate USA reports that the rate for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage fell to 3.97 percent. It was at 4.28 just a year ago. A 1 point interest rate difference can make a substantial difference in savings and monthly mortgage payment. The difference is even more noticeable with a larger loan versus a smaller one. Hybrid adjustable mortgages have also decreased.. The current rate is 2.92 for a 5 year ARM mortgage loan. The Mortgage Bankers Association reports that applications for new mortgages increased by 5.6 percent while the refinance index increased 11%.

Get ready for Toyota’s brand new hydrogen car. The company will sell the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in California in late 2015. As part of the promotion, the company will give away tickets towards the possibility of winning this revolutionary car with every $100 donation to a nonprofit supporting sustainability causes.
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Get ready for Toyota’s brand new hydrogen car. The company will sell the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in California in late 2015. As part of the promotion, the company will give away tickets towards the possibility of winning this revolutionary car with every $100 donation to a nonprofit supporting sustainability causes.

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Starting Salary Changes For College Graduates

Statistics from the Bureau of Labor of Statistics and Census Bureau show that salaries for college graduates entering the workforce have increased over 7% in 2013 with the average being $48,700. The biggest increase can be seen in Education and Computer Science majors. Those with a degree in Computer science earned on average $67,500, an increase of over 5% from previous years. Students with information systems degrees have seen an increase of 6.5% and a starting salary at the $58k mark.

Communications degree holders also experienced an increase of over 10% in salary earnings. However the starting salary at $48k is still significantly lower than those with engineering degrees. Mathematics graduates had an increase of 1.4%. also saw an increase of 2.9% with a starting salary of in the $57k range. Sectors in the business industry with the highest increase include management, logistics and marketing. Business degrees are generally offered at universities or online programs such as Trident University College of Business Administration.

Education and history majors experienced a decrease in starting salaries. Graduates with a degree in education experienced a decrease of .2% to $40k while Education graduates had a decrease of 0.2%.

How To Get An Amazing Internship In College

One of the most effective ways for a college student to gain real work experience and a resume boost is to land an internship. Working as an intern will also help to sharpen prospective employers place on such as effective communication and problem solving skills. Ways for college students to land these competitive internships include utilizing social media sites and networking at industry meet ups.

One of the best social media sites available to professionals is LinkedIn; this site that allows users to create a profile, upload a resume and connect with prospective employers. The site can be used to stay in contact with other professionals and peers as you meet them. LinkedIn can also be a very helpful resource if you are researching a potential company you’re interested in working for. The company’s profile site offers detailed information about the business plus you will be able to view the profiles of their employees.

You can also use sites such as Twitter and Facebook to connect with prospective employers and stay informed with their updates. Glassdoor is another site that can be used in your internship search; this site offers an inside glimpse from past and current employees as to what it’s like to work for a specific company with detailed info such as salary information and company culture.

Getting involved with the industry you’re interested in can also lead to a great internship. Some industries may have associations with events or mixers where you can meet prospective employers or people who may refer to a great internship. The key is to put yourself out there with an online and offline presence.

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Ford Releaes The New 2015 Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang has been a winner in the company’s lineup for many years. The 2015 Ford Mustang comes with a powerful engine with at least 300 hp output. Buyers can select from V4, V6 or V8 engine.

Changes for the 2015 model includes a larger rear seat and a redesign of the trunk. Standard features include Ford’s SYNC and Mykey. Optional features include adaptive cruise control and a rearview camera.

Expect to see the 2015 Ford Mustang at dealers like Five Star Ford nationwide.

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The 2015 Hyundai Sonata Offers A Scrumptious Interior

The new 2015 Hyundai has been revamped and is taller and longer than previous generations. Buyers can choose from 2 engine options including a 2.4 Liter GDI with 185 hp and 178 lb feet of torque and a performance enhancing powerful 2.0 turbo engine with an output of 245 hp and 260 lb feet of torque. Fuel economy stands at 25 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the freeway. Various trim levels are available including the SE, 2.4L Sport, 1.6T Eco, 2.4L Limited, 2.0 T Sport. This affordable midsize car is priced at around the mid $21k mark.

The interior features a comfortable interior that is very upscale for its class. The cabin is well insulated and offers spacious passenger seating. Standard features include a six speaker stereo system, bluetooth compatibility, a blind spot warning system, an infotainment system with a LCD screen, a rearview camera to assist with reversing, cruise control and push button start. Cargo space stands at 16.3 cubic feet which on the roomy side for its class.

Safety features include driver and passenger air bags, 4-wheel ABS, ESC, child safety locks, traction control and brake assist. The 2015 Hyundai Sonata scored “Good” on moderate overlap front crash, side impact and rear crash protection testing conducted by the IIHS.


Income Potential For PhD Graduates

Despite the competitive job market, PhD graduates are enjoying higher salaries and job stability compared to Bachelor degree holders. According to Payscale PhD degree holders can expect a starting salary near the $52k mark within a year of graduating. In addition, Phd candidates can expect to earn significantly more over the course of their career compared to Bachelor degree holders.

Professor and Assistant Professor are popular professions for many graduates while others may choose to pursue scientific research sectors. From their fifth to ninth year in the workforce, graduates can expect to earn over $73k while the average salary for those with ten to nineteen years of experiences reaches over the $102k mark. This demonstrates that the financial rewards are worth it even though Phd students will end up spending more time in college.

Geography and location plays a significant role in determining income. Salaries tend to be higher in large metropolitan areas. Phd holders in Los Angeles earned on average $75k while those in New York earned on average $86k. Salary is also determined by job type. Assistant Professors earn on average $56k a year while a tenured professor can expect to earn $87k. Earning a Phd can take up to five years or more and may require a significant time and monetary investment

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5 Ways To Save Money The Next Time You Buy a Car

Shopping around for a car? Comparison shopping online and obtaining your own financing can help you save a lot of money. Here are five ways to help you save money the next time you buy a car.

1- Determine the true market value of the vehicle you are interested in by using Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book. This will give you more leverage when negotiationg with dealers.

2- Comparison shop online. Most dealers have their inventory available online searchable by price, make and model.

3- Consider buying a used vehicle. Sites like Craigslist and Auto Trader are more up to date and fast paced versus traditional newspaper classifieds. Cars sold by private owners are generally more affordable.

4- Obtain your own financing. Shop around at local banks and credit unions. They may be able to offer you lower rates than the dealer.

5- Get a copy of your credit report before buying a car. The three bureaus are Equifax, Transunion and Equifax. You may be able to get lower interest rates if you have an established and positive credit history.


Volvo Makes Inflatable Child Seats For Parents On The Go

We all know the importance of child safety seats; they are crucial when it comes to protecting children and infants during collisions. However, many are heavy, cumbersome and not convenient to lug around. Volvo has addressed the problem by producing one that weighs 11 lbs and is inflatable for portability. Volvo’s seat weighs around half of that of standard child seats which can weigh twenty pounds.

It only takes forty seconds for the user to fully inflate the seat which means that it can be carried around quite easily and is ideal for travelers. It even incorporated Bluetooth technology; parents are able to inflate the device remotely. The seat utilizes drop-stitch fabric which is also used by the U.S military on inflatable air planes. This sturdy material is designed to protect the child during impact. It’s not surprising that Volvo came up with this product since the company is a pioneer in safety; it was the first to introduce three pointed seatbelts to the market.

Only time will tell if the car seat will be available at Volvo dealers across the nation such as Volvo has not yet announced plans if and when it plans to make the seat available to the public.

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